I stepped out of the ladies container, wondering to myself how best to explain Dashavatar and Hindu Evolution along side the modern theory of evolution as an introduction to The Avatar. The metal door creaked loudly. In my peripheral, I noticed the crowd gathering in the distance as twilight began to fade into darkness. They were yelling but by now this had happened enough times for me to disregard the yelling and continue on with whatever I was thinking.

Two stones flew past me. I felt the wind of their trajectory whip me in the face, as if the distance between me and rocks was laughing, shaking me out of my head. The stones hit the container with two subsequent clanks.

I blinked twice.


I don’t mean to exaggerate two rocks barely hitting me in the head because surely people, my own seniors swamis and Swamiji himself, have done so much more to fight for Hinduism. I needed to explain the precise moment I realize that this was no joke.

I came to Trishulam Adheenam to finish work on Swamiji’s biography. Being in Tamil Nadu, the state that The Avatar gave his heart to, is vastly better than sitting in Karnataka to write His life. I’m being completely honest when I say that my last month or so here have been completely transformative. I’m grateful, more so than ever, that Swamiji sent me here and to work on his biography of all things. What I couldn’t, or rather refused, to learn while staying in Bidadi is what Swamiji is teaching me here, much of it in the last few days.

Trishulam Adheenam is a growing temple-monastery complex with a huge mission and vision. Swamiji’s intention for this 3 acre land is absolute proof that he wants to transform even the most far-gone people and places in the world into enlightened beings. He will build a 1000 student Gurukul here as well as a 100 bed hospital. The land is completely dedicated to service for the ultimate empowerment for the people of Chennai and surrounding areas completely free of cost. Trishulam Hill is the largest hill in Chennai and from the land that we reside in, we can see its peak. Often when I’m walking outside here, and I look up, I can see a 108 foot, marble deity of Swamiji looming over the hill magnificently, as the leader of the universe into the Satya Yuga. People will walk the steps up the hill perhaps seeing small depictions and reading about Swamiji’s whole life as it led up to his Avataric realization the entire way.

However, right now, the state of Trishulam is warfare. Local rowdies are instigating constant acts of high-stake violence, destruction and thievery of thousands of dollars worth of equipment for no reason but because we are Hindu. Not only this, the last few nights here staying outside at night risks being stoned to death. On June 11th, I wrote this in my notes while I busied away at my laptop, “writing while the villagers around the Thrishulam Adheenam threw rocks at our container. One strong hit actually made me jump,”

I remember how they came against our container every few minutes. As we sat in the dark, the container was rattling. Every once in awhile we would gasp and jump when a large stone hit the container loud. The next morning we heard that they were climbing on top of water tanks to throw gigantic rocks at our container, the mobile home dedicated to the female sannyasis of the Adheenam. There are about 12 of us residing here now. From the way they lurk all day, the attackers definitely knew that this was a ladies-only area.

On June 14th from my notes: “I wrote in the dark with two people sleeping next to me because yesterday Indrani’s daughter cut our power line. We’re only working on generator now so we need to save power”

Then two medium sized stones flew past me while my brain was making connections between scientific predictions of how Homo neandrathalis and early Homo sapiens looked and how Bhagavan Sadashiva and His civilization are described in the Agama 60,000 years ago.

Like I said, this is no fucking joke. This is the state of Hinduism today. Reasonless violence and hatred against a healing force that will transform the world for the better. Now, I have been in battles before. I fought against the most cunning, most evil maniacs the world has probably ever seen. In 2012, Vinay Bharadwaj tried to use his mother’s meagre presence to win over my sympathy so that I wouldn’t tell the judge how often he kidnapped me to his house and raped me. His attempts didn’t work. This doesn’t even compare to what Swamiji went through. The amount He has sacrificed to continue on his mission is beyond anything any of us have ever done in our lives. And He did it all with a smile on his face.

At the end of the day, it is astonishing how cheap the fight gets. The people throwing stones at our container are nothing more than local rowdies. Their violence is shocking but what is more shocking is the amount of ease we adheenavasis are in. People will not stay more than two seconds in a place if they feel unwelcome there, yet here we are in this temporary living space, trying to change the environment around us in absolute joy of the vision that Swamiji has for each of us, and this land. Ironically, while sitting in a boiling pot of negativity, violence and hatred, Swamiji taught me how to be positive.

Incidentally, it’s also my one-year anniversary of being in India. I came here because I suffered deeply from self-inflicted depression. I cherished (that is the precise word) negativity and self-hatred perhaps because I just didn’t know any better. Through my experiences over the last year and in Trishulam, I finally learned what it meant to be smiling in the face of a battle. No matter what various anti-Hindu forces tried, they couldn’t even wipe the smile off of Swamiji’s face. Swamiji has personally even told me, “Only your joy will determine your ultimate triumph!” Joy and activism are the greatest attributes of Swamiji and his contribution to this whole and finally, me too.

That, of course, doesn’t mean that I don’t get angry. I am writing this blog post not just to share my epiphany but because I can’t keep quiet any longer. People don’t know that this is the state of Hinduism so they think they can afford to stay silent. But in reality, their silence is what caused this . To any anti-Hindu entity that is out there, either organization, government or person: we are here to stay and to grow. No matter what happens, we will fulfill our mission. And we will do it laughing like the way Swamiji laughs his adorable, cackling laugh that pierces beyond any suppression by society.



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