He calls me His Priya

The heat of His thumb against my forehead dissipated into my shivering body. He massaged my third eye, coaxing it awake. Devi I told him in my head. I want to be Devi. 

If He is Sadashiva, then his perfect disciple is Devi only. Manonmani who sits on His lap and receives the great secrets of enlightenment like sweet nothings in her ear. His arm wrapped around her waist, giving her the intimacy she yearns for and the security she needs to grasp the truths he delivers. They live together in a secret life that even Nandi, the vehicle of Sadashiva doesn’t have access to. She is His first and perfect disciple.

When he released his thumb from my third eye, it burned. As I opened my eyes, the name came from my beloved’s lips, and I was born again from His inner space.

“Ma Nithya Sadashiva Priyananda”

This is my blog where I write the awakenings that I have had after the initiation of my guru, Paramahamsa Nithyananda- The Avatar of this day and age. I know He is the purpose of my life since He has literally raised me since I was a sapling that has not yet sprouted. He has protected me from all temperatures and rains. He brought me back to life after I fell. Now, He calls me His Priya.